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MINI Convertible (R57) - top comfort

MINI Convertible (R57) - top comfort

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If necessary, the topcomfort™ module can be completely deactivated and is then no longer recognizable for diagnostic devices.
roof remote control
By pressing the "Open" button on the key remote control three times every second, the roof function is activated and the roof opens.
To close the roof using the remote control function, press "Close" three times on the key fob. The vehicle is locked after the roof is completely closed, and if the anti-theft alarm system is present, it WILL also be activated.
comfort function
Press the "Unlock (Open)" button on the key fob four times and the roof will open and all windows will remain open.
emergency stop
If you press any button on the key fob during the roof movement, THE process WILL be aborted immediately and the roof will remain in the current position.
Automatic roof function To activate the roof function in the vehicle, it is no longer necessary to hold the roof switch until the opening or closing process is complete. Only hold the roof switch for approximately 2 seconds, or until the roof begins to move.
The opening or closing process will now be carried out automatically to completion.
comfort function
If you briefly tap the roof switch and then hold it for more than 2 seconds, the roof will open and the windows will also remain open.
You can switch off the engine when closing the roof, exit the vehicle and lock the vehicle after the roof is closed. It is also possible to get in when opening the roof, start the engine and drive off up to the set limit speed without the opening process becoming ACTUAL.
emergency stop
The process can be aborted at any time by pressing one of the roof switches again!
safety flashing
For safety reasons, the hazard warning lights are switched on when the top is lifted using the key remote control.
window remote control
By pressing the “Unlock (Open)” or “Lock (Close)” button on the key remote control twice, the windows of your vehicle can be opened or closed remotely.
activating the roof movement up to a selectable limit speed. This is set to 35 km/h on delivery, but can be increased to 45 km/h or 55 km/h by programming the module.
All functions can be switched on or off individually and configured according to your wishes.
Please note that the functions of the topcomfort™ module must be used with the necessary caution and within the framework of the applicable road traffic laws. The module has no ABE.
scope of delivery
- topcomfort™ module for Opel Astra Cabrio TwinTop item no. 206001
- Connection wiring harness
- Branch connector various fastening material
- Detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions
Programming overview for topcomfort™ module on separate sheet!
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