Mercedes SLK (R171) - combicomfort top&light

Mercedes SLK (R171) - combicomfort top&light

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Product information "Mercedes SLK (R171) - combicomfort top&light"

roof remote control
The Vario roof is opened or closed by pressing the "Unlock" or "Lock" button on the key remote control three times.

comfort functions
You can get in and drive off while the Vario roof is being opened! The roof movement is not affected by this.

In addition, when the Vario roof is open, you can lower the front side windows by pressing the "Open" button on the key remote control three times again.

Automatic convertible top / automatic roof
To activate the roof function in the vehicle, it is no longer necessary to hold the roof switch until the opening or closing process is complete. Press the roof switch for approx. 3 seconds until the roof movement begins - the activated movement process is now carried out automatically until it is completed.

You can switch off the engine and exit the vehicle when closing the Vario roof. Wait until the Vario roof has been closed before locking the vehicle.

The SpeedX function determines the maximum speed at which the vario roof can be operated. The topcomfort™ module is set to 50km/h by default.

You can set the maximum speed for the SpeedX function yourself at any time between 7 km/h and 50 km/h.

safety flashing
For safety reasons, the hazard warning lights are switched on when the vario-roof is operated using the key remote control.

daytime running lights
The daytime running lights always switch on as soon as your vehicle's engine is started. You can use the low beam, the fog lights or both as daytime running lights. The daytime running lights switch off automatically when the low beams are switched on.

emergency warning flashing
If you drive faster than 60km/h and are forced to brake hard (eg at the end of a traffic jam), the hazard warning lights will switch on automatically (approx. 10 flashes) to warn the vehicles behind you.

location lighting
The location lighting is activated by opening the vehicle with the key fob. It helps you to find your way into your vehicle and shows you the way. The location lighting switches off automatically after a selectable time (15 - 60 seconds). The fog lights, the low beam or both can be selected for this function.

In contrast to the standard location lighting from Mercedes, this does not switch off when the doors are opened, but lights up until the preset time has elapsed.

shutter lighting
The lock light is activated by locking the vehicle with the key fob. The range of functions corresponds to that of the location lighting.

The ComingHome lighting switches on automatically if you last drove with the lights on and only switch them off after the engine is switched off. The fog lights, the low beam or both can be selected for this.

If the ComingHome lighting is activated, the afterglow time for this function can be set to between 15 and 60 seconds in a separate menu.

This function makes it possible to have a signal tone sounded via the vehicle's horn - either only when opening, only when locking or when opening and locking the vehicle using the remote control.

main switch
If required, the combicomfort™ module can be completely deactivated and is then no longer recognizable for diagnostic devices.

All functions can be switched on or off individually and configured according to your wishes.

Please note that the functions of the combicomfort™ module must be used with the necessary caution and within the framework of the applicable road traffic laws. The module has no ABE.

scope of delivery
Combicomfort™ module for Mercedes SLK (R171) Item no. 701001
connection harness
Branch connector various fastening material
Detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions

We reserve the right to make country-specific versions, technical changes and delivery options.

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    Funkempfang reicht zu weit. Irrtümlich beim Verlassen des Fahrzeugs beide Seitenscheiben geöffnet durch zweimaliges drücken der Offnugstaste. Zum Glueck kein Regen. Ansonsten super Elektronik, schon fürs zweite Fahrzeug gekauft.