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Mercedes SL (R230) - top comfort

Mercedes SL (R230) - top comfort

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More comfort with the Mercedes SL R230 convertible top module

The Mercedes SL R230 is truly a top class car. The Roadster combines sportiness and luxury into an overall package that inspires. For the proud owners we have the right roof module Topcomfort for the Mercedes SL for the years of construction 2001 to 2011 on offer to give the SL that little bit more luxury. After installing the convertible top module, the vario roof of the Mercedes SL R230 can be closed or opened by pressing the "lock" or "unlock" button on the standard key remote control three times.

Functional overview of the Topcomfort convertible top module for the Mercedes SL R230:

  • roof remote control
  • automatic roof
  • SpeedX
  • main switch

through the automatic roof With the Mercedes SL R230 convertible top module, you no longer have to hold down the button to open or close it, you can simply get in and drive off. So just casual open the roof, get in and accelerate immediately . With the roof open, you can also simply lower the front side windows by pressing three times and enjoy the wind in your Mercedes SL even faster and more comfortably. Conversely, you can do that too Close the roof, stop the engine during the process and get out . All you have to do is wait until the roof is fully closed before you can lock your Mercedes SL.

through the SpeedX function you can set the speed at which the roof can still be opened or closed while driving. You have the choice and can set a value up to a maximum of 50 kilometers per hour yourself. You can use a main switch completely deactivate the entire convertible top module for the Mercedes SL R230 at any time . Of course, you can also switch individual functions on and off.

Please note that the Topcomfort roof module for the Mercedes SL does not have an ABE. Therefore, always use all functions in compliance with the applicable road traffic laws.

scope of delivery

  • topcomfort™ module for Mercedes SL R230 item no. 201004
  • connection harness
  • Branch connector various fastening material
  • Detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions

You can download the complete installation and operating instructions here.

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