BMW Z4 Roadster/Coupé (E85/E86) - combicomfort data&light

BMW Z4 Roadster/Coupé (E85/E86) - combicomfort data&light

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Product information "BMW Z4 Roadster/Coupé (E85/E86) - combicomfort data&light"

The combicomofort data&light module for your BMW Z4 Roadster or Coupé (E85 or E86) is a data and light module in one.

Here are all the functions of the light module again:

  • convenience indicators
  • daytime running lights
  • cornering light
  • emergency flashing
  • location lighting
  • shutter lighting
  • window remote control
  • chirp (optional)

The data module contains the following data:

  • battery voltage
  • speed indicator
  • driving distance and driving time
  • engine speed
  • acceleration
  • cooling water temperature
  • oil temperature

Your BMW Z4 will be expanded to include numerous comfort functions that ensure more driving pleasure and even increased safety. Thanks to the comfort indicators, once the module has been installed, a single tap is enough to start a series of three flashing signals. Since more and more drivers are driving with daytime running lights and this is even mandatory in some countries, you can use the light module to configure any lamp on your BMW Z4 as daytime running lights.

The emergency warning flasher function is particularly useful on long motorway journeys. As a result, the hazard warning lights are automatically activated from a speed of 60 km/h as soon as you brake suddenly. The light module in the combination module for the BMW Z4 Coupé and Roadster also integrates location and locking lighting. By activating the Z4's lights as soon as the car is locked or unlocked, the surroundings are illuminated and you can find your car more easily, even in the dark. With the window remote control, you can also remotely open or close all windows and the sunroof with a double press.

In addition, the combination module upgrades your BMW Z4 Roadster or Coupé with additional data displays. The additional displays can be shown on the navigation device display or on the standard BMW radios with RDS function.

Please note that the combination module for the BMW Z4 Roadster or Coupé does not contain any ABE. Therefore, always observe the applicable rules of the Road Traffic Act. All functions of the module can be deactivated via the main switch or switched on or off individually.

The light&data module for the BMW Z4 includes the following scope of delivery:

  • combicomfort™ module data&light for BMW Z4 Roadser/Coupé (E86/86) Item no. 702002
  • connection harness
  • Branch connector various fastening material
  • Detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions

You can download the complete installation and operating instructions here.

Of course you can Retrofit the on-board computer of your BMW Z4 Roadster Coupé (E85/E86) without having to order the light module. The Light module for the BMW Z4 Roadster (E85/E86) You will find here. We also offer you that BMW Z4 E85 convertible top module at.

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