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BMW 3 Series (E46) - data comfort

BMW 3 Series (E46) - data comfort

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This is what your extended on-board computer for the BMW E46 displays

  • Battery Voltage (Resolution: 0.1V)
  • Speed ​​optionally in km/h or mph (resolution: 2km/h)
  • Motor speed (resolution : 100/s)
  • Acceleration (resolution : 100mG/s)
  • Cooling water temperature (resolution: 1°C)
  • Oil temperature (resolution 1°C)
    A built-in oil sensor is required!
  • Trip counter (resolution: 0.1km)
  • Driving time (resolution: 1min)

Your data module for the BMW E46 on-board computer can do this

The data module turns your radio display or navigation screen into a data center. Learn thanks to the sophisticated on-board computer more about your BMW 3 Series E46 and check values ​​such as cooling water temperature, oil temperature or battery voltage while driving . Everything is accurate to one degree or 0.1 volts. The speed and acceleration can also be displayed digitally and precisely. So you have everything in view at all times. The various displays of the on-board computer of your BMW 3 Series E46 are switched through by pressing the BC button. The additional display is switched on and off by pressing and holding it. The normal radio or navigation system of your BMW 3 Series E46 is also activated again by pressing any button. This first press of the button does not execute any function, but merely switches off the data module for 30 seconds.

Easy installation - this makes retrofitting your on-board computer for the 3-series BMW E46 child's play

The add-on for the The on - board computer of your BMW 3 Series 46 is very easy to install . With the help of detailed installation instructions, retrofitting becomes child's play. And if you still need help, you can also use ours installation service to use. In selected workshops, your on-board computer will be installed in your BMW 3 Series E46 in the shortest possible time at a fair price.

scope of delivery

  • datacomfort™ module for BMW 3 Series (E46) Item no. 502002
  • connection harness
  • Branch connector various fastening material
  • Detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions

More information, more driving fun

Experience a completely new driving experience in your car! Leave yours on-board computer now retrofit with the data module for your BMW E46 .

The datcomfort data module for the BMW 3 Series E46 does not have ABE, so please exercise appropriate caution at all times.

You can download the complete installation and operating instructions here

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