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BMW 3 Series Convertible (E46) - top comfort

BMW 3 Series Convertible (E46) - top comfort

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Treat your BMW 3 Series Convertible (E46) to a small portion with the topcomfort soft top module Extra comfort . The convertible top module equips your 3-series BMW convertible with a automatic top out of. You no longer have to hold down the remote control until the top is closed or open.

Get in and out while the BMW E46 roof opens

The top can now be automatically closed or opened on the remote control by pressing the lock or unlock button three times. This means that you can use the key to open the top of your BMW E46 from afar - even before you get in! Of course, the principle also works the other way around. You can your BMW E46 convertible roof not only open with the key , but also close while getting off or on.

Open the BMW 3 Series E46 Convertible top while driving

By default, the topcomfort soft top module for the BMW 3 Series Cabrio is set so that the soft top can be operated at a speed of up to 35 km/h. Alternatively, you can also do this with the SpeedX function up to 55 km/h increase. When the weather is nice you can use your Open the BMW 3 Series E46 Convertible top while driving - and close when it rains. The "safety flashing" function activates the hazard warning flasher system while the convertible top is moving. All functions can be switched on individually and completely deactivated if desired.

All functions of the 3-series BMW E46 convertible top module:

  • top remote control
  • automatic top
  • SpeedX
  • safety flashing

The module does not have an ABE, please remember to use all functions with great caution and within the framework of the applicable road traffic laws.

The scope of delivery includes the following:

  • topcomfort™ module for BMW 3 Series (E46) Cabrio Item no. 202001
  • connection harness
  • Branch connector various fastening material
  • Detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions
  • Programming overview for topcomfort™ module on separate sheet!

You can download the complete installation and operating instructions here.

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