Audi TT (8S) Roadster (from Bj: 2014) - top comfort

Audi TT (8S) Roadster (from Bj: 2014) - top comfort

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Thanks to the top comfort top module will you at your Audi TT Roadster have a little more joy. Once installed, the module gives your vehicle a range of new and exciting features that will significantly increase comfort around the top of your gem!

All of the module's functions can be switched on and off individually via a simple programming menu. So you decide for yourself which functions of the module you want to use and which not.

With the built-in main switch, you can even completely deactivate the convertible top module so that it cannot be recognized by diagnostic devices.

All functions at a glance:

  • top remote control
    Open and close your top remotely with the remote control of your original vehicle key.

  • window remote control
    Open and close the side windows of your vehicle remotely with the remote control of your original vehicle key.

  • automatic top
    With the automatic top function Operate your top with a short push of a button on your top button. There is no need to hold the button, and the top opens and closes independently and completely.

  • Automatic wind deflector
    Here, too, a short press of a button is enough and the Winschott automatically moves to its end position.

  • Smart wind deflector
    When the top is open and the electric wind deflector is extended, it is automatically lowered when reverse gear is engaged to improve rearward visibility. When engaging a forward gear, the wind deflector is automatically extended again.

  • car wind deflector
    A speed can be set here, from which the wind deflector is automatically extended

  • main switch
    disables the module.

Please note that the functions of the topcomfort™ module for your Audi TT Roadster must be used with the necessary caution and within the framework of the applicable road traffic laws. The module has no ABE.

scope of delivery

  • topcomfort™ module for Audi TT Cabrio from year of construction 2014 Item no. 22 01 0005
  • connection harness
  • Branch connector various fastening material
  • Detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions
  • Programming overview for topcomfort™ module on separate sheet!

We reserve the right to make country-specific versions, technical changes and delivery options.

You can download the complete installation and operating instructions here

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