top module

Open the convertible roof simply by pressing a button

You probably know that: The sun is shining, a bright blue sky, 30 degrees in the shade. Your convertible calls for a jaunt into the countryside, to the lake, to the beer garden. You get into your car, wanting to drive away, but no - you have to wait for your top to open and keep your hand on the button. If you let go, the roof will stop opening automatically. How annoying.

Our topcomfort™ soft top module makes it possible

That's enough of that. With a top module from you can change the roof of your convertible, regardless of whether it is a BMW, Audi, mini , VW or Mercedes, now even open while driving! Quite simply with the push of a button, without the hassle of holding down the switch for the top. thanks to top module topcomfort™ you can even exit and lock your car while it is being opened.

Each module is individually tailored to you

All the functions of our topcomfort™ soft top module can be switched on or off individually - according to your needs. We offer the module for both Audi , BMW , Mini, VW, Mercedes, Opel and peugeot at.

Don't feel like tinkering?

Don't feel like tinkering or don't have the time to integrate the module? No problem, you can even book an installation service with us so that top module hassle-free and properly installed in your car. Order our convertible top module! From now on, enjoy every drive in your convertible without having to wait for the top to open.

Even more on offer

We don't just have convertible top modules on offer. No, we also offer in addition to our module for the hood Modules for the lighting systems and your on-board computer. So you can not only use your car with the comfortable top module topcomfort™, but also use comfort indicators and other great add-ons.

Make your car sexy!