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Lightcomfort™ - light module for your car

You owe an absolutely new driving experience to lightcomfort™, ours Light module for your car . Because the lightcomfort™ module stands for automatic lighting of the superlative. It equips your vehicle with a large number of lighting-related functions and can also be installed in combination with the topcomfort™ soft top module.

Lightcomfort™ in detail

What exactly can the lightcomfort™ light module do? Very easily. On the one hand, the daytime running lights switch on automatically as soon as your car's engine is started. Dark cars in particular are difficult to see in bad weather conditions, which is why it is particularly important here to have a light on during the day to be seen better. If the low beam is switched on, the daytime running lights switch off automatically.

Another add-on from lightcomfort™, the Light module for your car is the automatic switching on of the hazard warning lights when braking hard and then switching off after 7 seconds. This function of the module is a real blessing, especially on the motorway when you are facing the end of a traffic jam.

Other functions of the light module include the ComingHome lighting , the cornering light and the location lighting .

A module individually tailored to you

The lightcomfort™ module has another advantage: you can decide for yourself which functions of the light module you want to use and which you don't. You also have the option of setting which light should be switched on for ComingHome, for example: indicators, high beam, low beam, Parking lights , fog lights and taillights.

Is the light module also available for my car?

We offer the following lightcomfort™ models:

If the desired Light module for your car is not offered yet, send us one request . We will be happy to help you whether and when lightcomfort™ will also be available for your car.