data module

Retrofit on-board computer - with the datacomfort™ data module

You want yours Retrofit on-board computer ? Yes? Glad you found us. It is best to retrofit your on-board computer with our datacomfort™ data module. Because this module enables important vehicle data to be displayed on the display of the radio or navigation system.

This is what the data module offers

The Datacomfort™ data module shows you the following data on the radio display or navigation system from your vehicle to:

- battery voltage
- Speed
- engine speed
- acceleration
- water temperature
- Oil temperature
- Distance traveled (leg counter)
- driving time

Your personal on-board computer

You can see at a glance whether everything is OK with your car and how far and how fast you are driving. Her on-board computer also offers you the configuration of your units. Would you like to display kilometers or miles, °C or °F? Is something wrong with your car's water temperature or battery? In the event of problems, your on-board computer reports immediately.

Easy installation

You want yours Retrofit on-board computer , but afraid of doing something wrong during installation or don't have the time? You don't need a workshop. We will be happy to help you with the retrofit. On the one hand, you will receive detailed instructions for installing the datacomfort™ data module from us, but on the other hand we also offer you ours installation service a. We come to you - throughout Germany - and install your on-board computer in your car - making retrofitting child's play.

Order now!

Retrofit on-board computer made easy - with the datacomfort™. This module will amaze you with its functionality and ease of use. And best of all: You can even use datacomfort™ with ours light - and hood modules combine. If you use the onboard computer of your BMW 3 Series E46 (2000 - 2007) or yours BMW Z4 Roadster Coupe (E85/86) (2002 - 2008) If you want to upgrade, you've come to the right place.

If you are interested in datacomfort™ for another vehicle type or have questions about our product datacomfort™, please contact us.

Make your car sexy!