Innoviere Deinen Komfort: Entdecke Dachmodule, Verdeckmodule und Lichtmodule von EC-Modules!

Innovate your comfort: Discover roof modules, hood modules and light modules from EC-Modules!

Experience the future of driving with the innovative products from EC-Modules! With our roof modules, convertible top modules and light modules you can redefine your driving experience and experience a new dimension of comfort and safety. Imagine you can open and close your convertible roof with your car key. Doesn't that sound fascinating?

The manufacturer you can trust

EC-Modules stands for professional development and marketing of an interesting range of products for the automotive aftermarket. With many years of experience in the field of module development, we can offer you high-quality, reliable and innovative products. Our concern is always your satisfaction, which is reflected in every facet of our actions and in the quality of our products.

Our product portfolio

roof modules

Our roof modules are the perfect upgrade for your vehicle. They allow you to open and close your roof with your car key, greatly improving your driving comfort. Easy to install and operate, our roof modules are a must-have accessory for any car enthusiast.

hood modules

With our convertible top modules , you can control your convertible top easily and conveniently. They offer a new level of comfort and ease of use, ensuring you get the most out of your convertible experience.

Please also watch our latest video to see what you can expect in your box when you order a product from EC-Modules. We look forward to revolutionizing your driving experience!

Andreas Ramelsberger Management

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